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Today's engines are more powerful and more efficient, causing them to work at higher pressures than ever before.

Castrol EDGE is our strongest and most advanced oil yet. Boosted with TITANIUM FSTTM to double its film strength, preventing oil film breakdown and reducing friction.

Give your engine the strength to push the boundaries of performance by choosing the right oil from the Castrol EDGE range.

Castrol Edge is a fully synthetic engine oil formulated for prestige and high performance engines. Castrol Edge with unique titanium fluid strength technology gives you the confidence to demand maximum engine performance from today's prestige and high performance engines requiring lower viscosity higher performance oils.

Castrol Edge gives you the confidence that your engine will respond and perform so you can always drive how you want, when you want.

Castrol Edge provides outstanding wear protection in performance engines designed to run at their optimum level on lower viscosity oils. Castrol Edge should be used in engines where maximum efficiency and protection is needed. This product is not suitable for vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

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