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Company Profile

It is now seven years since our Company started serving in Kurdistan Region in cooperation with RAFIDAINE LAND Company in Sulaimaniyah and Erbil Cities. It is trusted by national and international Companies.
We, as RANKO POWER Company, are the exclusive agent of RAFIDAINE LAND Company for Oil Services and Oil Products, like Shell, Castrol, & BP.
During seven years of working our Company was able to supply all governmental agencies with oil, hydraulic, and grease. Among these places :

• NIVA company
• BAZIAN Cement Factory.
• MASS Cement Factory.
• TASLUJA Cement Factory.
• Iron and Iron Melting Factory.
• HALABJA Brick Factory/ 1 & 2
• SHARI JWAN Central Mixer.
• NAJMADDIN Company Central Mixer.
• BAREZ Company Central Mixer.
• SHARI JWAN Company Central Mixer.
• ROZHI NWE Company for Real Estate Construction.
• Cartoon Manufacturing Factory in Sulaimaniyah.
• HALABJA Company for Real Estate Construction.
• QAIWAN Company for Real Estate Construction.
• PORNAM Company for Roads Construction.
• MUNCHEN Company, agent of M.A.N Company for Trucks.
• SARDAR Cars Company.
• BMW Company.
• AUDI Company.
• SHIREEN Company for SKODA Cars Trading.
In the period of seven years we've made 15 declarations in newspapers for Shell oil and Castrol, and we've documents for that.
In addition, we quite trusted by all formal Offices, belonging to Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Municipality and Directorate of Machinery Repairing of Ministry of Reconstruction, as well as the Companies that explore for oil in Kurdistan Region, like:
• KELKAN Company.
• SMN Company.
• ASIAN OIL Company (active in Kfri).

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