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Suly Paradise

Our Company has also designed a touristic complex, called Suly Paradise , where it is the modernist touristic location despite it is small in size. It is classified as a successful investment project. This project is, of course, to develop the touristic sector in Kurdistan Region and to employ manpower in the city. It is constructed on 8000 m2.

1. There are seven small villas with modern and newest design, providing best ways of comfort for tourists.

2. A hotel consist of five floors with five stars standard on 800 m2 area, having whole comfort methods such as a (modern swimming pool, sauna, fitness hall, cafeteria and restaurant) offering best services by local and foreign staffs.

3. A Kurdish folkloric cafeteria and restaurant to renew Kurdish culture by a local staff with all kind of Kurdish foods.

4. A modern cafeteria, we want it to be a new style for our city.

5. A restaurant for fast food with two famous global brands.

6. Four Special shows for clothes which bring only international brands to make it more known for our citizens.

7. Three Special shows for Kurdish clothes and accessories to make our culture more famous.

8. 80% of the project will cover with plants and some cottages for sitting and comforting for the tourists and contain many pools and fountain.

9. There are some special free playgrounds for kids in the project.

10. A playground for tennis, which is a new game for our athletics.

11. Four Floors parking garage for automobiles with an international design.

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